Sergent Major

Sergent Major

Om Sergent Major :

Sergent Major is a leading chain of garments for children aged 0 to 11 years.
With more than 600 shops in 26 countries, and a still growing market share in France, our home market, we are confident that Danish mothers and children will love the design, the quality, the comfort and the affordable prices of our garments.
Sergent Major commitment is the mother’s peace of mind and the comfort of the kids.
Our offer is based on two fundamental principles:
On one hand,
Our garments are adapted to the needs of both mothers and children. Our core target is indeed children aged from 0 to 7 years, but we also sell clothing for taller or larger kids, up to 11 years.  
Sergent Major clothing is adapted to the specific needs of each age range and strives to help children grow up with respect to their age. 
These notions are reflected by both top-quality and practical garments.
While refusing to be submitted to the latest fashion excesses, the brand uses cheerful, clever, and stylish designs to establish a close and complicit relationship with each child thanks to playful creations that spark their imaginations.
On the other one,
Our quality/price ratio is optimal.  Our products prices rang from 75 DKK to 350 DKK. The average selling price is 150 DKK. 
We release 8 to 10 mini-collections per season (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer), thus ensuring a regular commercial animation of the store, as well as new creative shop window displays and posters twice a month. We always create opportunities for the customers to come back in the shops.
The optimal store size is 100 m². The shops must either be located in a good commercial street or in a good shopping mall. 

Beskrivelse af koncept

Our franchise model is a mix of traditional franchise and of consignment sales:
1 - Sergent Major manages the stocks of garments in order to ensure a smooth flow of goods in the shops.
2 -The Multi store owner and Denmark Exclusive Partner owns the stock, invests in the stores and manages its company as an independent entity.
Profit sharing scheme: The Denmark exclusive Partner gets a guaranteed percentage of the franchise shops net sales. This percentage has to be discussed and agreed upon a specific business plan calculation.

Her søger vi

Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Bornholm, Fyn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland


Detailhandel og dagligvarer
Mode og beklædning
Findes i følgende lande: 
France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, North-Africa, UAE, Latin Amerika, Persian Gulf Countries, Central-Asia countries, China.
Antal kædeenheder total: 
Antal kædeenheder i hjemland: 


Det forventer vi os af dig: 
A retail company or an entrepreneur with a strong experience in the retailing business, able to propose, to finance and to roll-out a development plan of at least 5 shops in Denmark.
Køb af rettighed: 
One time 15000 € per store opening.
Indretning, lager, biler mv.: 
Bank guarantee of 350.000 DKK per store
Average cost of a shop (construction, works, furniture, sundry, ...): 900.000 DKK
Løbende franchise royalty: 
The Franchisee/partner and Sergent Major spilts 50% of the net sales of stores with 50% each.
Nødvendig egenkapital: 
500.000 - 1.000.000 kr.

La Générale pour l’Enfant Major
49/51, rue Emile Zola
93189 Montreuil Cedex

CVR: 412552390

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