Om mappstore:
Mappstore focuses on clothing designed for every- one and within a price range that’s affordable for most people. Everytime a new collection arrives, we make sure that new and great looking photos are posted to our webshop, so our costumers can see all the new styles as soon as the collection is available for purchase.
Mappstore is a part of ML Group that’s the mani- facturer and designer of three high quality fashion brands. ML Group also speacilises in jeans in any size and style. 
Marc Lauge Marc Lauge is a brand that designs clothing for a classic wardrobe with style. Every collection aims to give the stylish woman all she needs to dress com- fortably through-out the day. Marc Lauge is comfort- able, but greatlooking work wear, and elegant styles for any evening arrangement.
Marc Lauge is also a jeans brand that is renowned for jeans with a perfect fit and great quality, and their jeans is a part of many womens wardrobe in Den- mark. Marc Lauge’s aim is to give the perfect fit to any woman. 
M.A.P.P. jeans M.A.P.P. jeans is our younger jeans brand that focus- es on practical and smart clothing.
The collections is focused on the current trends and aims to dress the fashion conscious woman, who wants high quality at an affordable price. 


DNY is a fashion brand producing clothes specially designed for women with round and soft shapes. All styles are crafted with a focus on the perfect fit and we are dedicated to tailor fashion to you!
Our design has broad appeal and ranges from clas- sic, romantic to the simple and basic - always in style with the contemporary fashion trends. We design clothes for everyday wear and festive occasions in sizes from 38 to 56.
DNY was founded in 2004 in Denmark and is now sold in the entire North, Holland and Germany. 

Beskrivelse af koncept

ML Group operates shops on their own and under- stand that the the franchise agreement should be benefitial for both the company and the franchisee.
  • You get a webshop that is integrated into your IT system in the store, which ensure quick and easy e-commerce.
  • Maintenance of shop through

The team
Purchase Department:

  • Creates unique products for our shops where price and quality is excellent.

Graphic Department:

  •  Advertising
  •  Customer Club e-mails
  • Branding material


Her søger vi

Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Bornholm, Fyn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland


Mode og beklædning
Findes i følgende lande: 
Denmark, Norway
Antal kædeenheder total: 
Antal kædeenheder i Danmark: 


Det forventer vi os af dig: 

Two options are available:

  • Shared ownership
  • Private ownership

If you already have an existing clothing store, there is also the possibility to change your shop to the mappstore concept.
ML Group’s brands account for 70% of sales in the franchisee store. The remaining 30% is up to you, the franchisee, to choose what suits you and your cos- tumers best. 

Nødvendig egenkapital: 
250.000 - 500.000 kr.
Ekstra information: 

Kapital behov:

  • 300.000 i bankgaranti
  • 125.000 kr. kontant til kasse og udbetaling til inventar.

Marc Lauge A/S
Skovridervej 27
6715 Esbjerg


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