Om Puket:
Imagine a company that transforms socks, underwear, pajamas and accessories into colorful, attractive and desirable products, connecting people and creating an universe where mother and daughter share the same interests and have fun together.
Imagine a store that has become a Franchising benchmark in Brazil, winning 9 consecutive years the ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association) label of excellence, and the award for the Best Retail Project by the Retail Design Institute, having 150 stores in premium locations.
Imagine a partner who is one of Brazil´s leading garments industry, with an industrial area with more than 9.000 sqm, producing 15 million pairs of sophisticated socks and more than 3 million garment pieces every year, which are distributed to more than 6000 clients.
So now, you can stop imagining. PUKET is a recognized brand appreciated by its customers and franchisees for the ability to always innovate in every new collection, and for offering products of the highest quality, striving for its beauty and happiness in unexpected and playful ways!
Puket is a cheerful blend of humor and happiness with fashion and style! We only create products that we fall in love with!  

Beskrivelse af koncept

We share with our franchisee our complete know-how, and our 27 years of experience in this business. We provide a training where we will teach every single detail of the business. Our franchisee will be receiving 4 times every year a new collection, completely unique in the world.
Puket is known for its creativity, our team, under our roof, creates everything. And in this world that everything is copied, a brand that creates already present a competitive advantage.
Puket is  a brand with a special DNA, very colorful, and different from any other brand in the market. We have found an unique niche, still not explored by any other brand in the world, and the final concept and the atmosphere created in our stores has came out in a very special way.
While many brands sees socks, underwear and pajamas as commodities, to us they are our main stars! There is no direct competition to our products and this is a very good point to be mentioned.
Our clients are girls from 0 until 94 years old! We have products for all the ages and we work deeply the connection between mother-daughter.
Our clients are our fans, and not only just a consumer of our products. For 10 years Puket is rewarded by ABF (Brazilian Franchise Association) with the excellence in Franchising prize, and we have been winning many prizes for the brand´s creativity and uniqueness.
Puket it´s all about a complete new retail format, starting from the products until the every single detail in our stores. 

Her søger vi

Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Bornholm, Fyn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland


Detailhandel og dagligvarer
Findes i følgende lande: 
Brazil, Venezuela, Panamá. Started the international expansion in 2014. Opening soon in Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Angola and South Korea.
Antal kædeenheder total: 
Antal kædeenheder i hjemland: 


Det forventer vi os af dig: 
We would like to find a master-franchisee for the Danish market that could operate our stores and develop our brand using the maximum market´s capacity.
We are looking for a partner that already operates other brands in the market under the franchise format and that has Retail/Franchise Knowledge and experience, good relationship with Malls to help on the search for excellent places for our brand and capital ability to invest.
We do not want many franchisees for the market. We want one master-franchisee that will operate the entire Puket business in Denmark.
Køb af rettighed: 
380.000,00 DKK (for the right to master-franchise the brand in the entire country)
Depending on location
Indretning, lager, biler mv.: 
For a 50 sqm store: 650.000,00 DKK (considering Brazilian reality)
Initial inventory for a 50sqm store: 355.000,00 DKK
Løbende franchise royalty: 
We will not be charging royalties, as an incentive.
Nødvendig egenkapital: 
1.000.000 - 1.750.000 kr.
Ekstra information: 
Looking for master-franchisees. Franchise fee contemplate the entire country, paid only once. Our partner will be taking care of the entire country´s operation. No royalties will be charged at this stage.
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IMB Textil S.A.
Rua Major Paladino 415 Vila Leopoldina
05307000 São Paulo

CVR: 58500398

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