LINA´S Paris

LINA´S Paris

Om LINA´S Paris:
LINA’S concept is very adapted for international development ; very flexible through different  format : casual dining, quick service restaurant, snack bars, corners. With a wide range of products, LINA’S is focus on a dynamic and promising market worldwide : healthy and highly quality food and a good value for money.
Founded in 1989, LINA’S is also very identifiable by the customers and based on 4 distinguishing factors and competitive advantage :
1) Full range of French preparations such as breakfast menu, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, soups, fresh juice, homemade sorbet, pastry, etc
2) A comfortable environment with lounge area, free wifi, free press and a very Parisian atmosphere and ornament. The customers feel, with no doubt, the French origin of the brand
3) Creative and authentic French recipes
4) Healthy, fresh and high quality products & preparations. Organic or gluten free offer could be developed in some countries
A short video in VR is visible here :
The Group operates in all the major sectors of food retailing :
An international restaurant network
A B2C and B2B daily delivery service (internet ordering will be soon available in France)
An increasing presence of pop-up and temporary restaurants :
professional shows, concession agreement (IMA Paris), retail events (Printemps, Galeries Lafayette)
Airline catering in partnerhip with important operators
White label production for some french distributor
LINA’S PARIS today :
- 16 restaurants in France including 9 flagships refurbished with the
new concept
- 29 restaurants worldwide
- 21 years experienced as an internartional franchisor
- Sales 2015 : EUR19 millions
- About 1.8 million served meal during last year
- French average ticket : EUR10,50
- EUR700K to EUR1’100K / unit
- An ambitious international development strategy has just been initiated : 100 restaurants by the end of 2025
- A sound technical structure to support our growth with 3000sqm of kitchen and laboratory
- International delivery for all needed products

Beskrivelse af koncept

1. Founded in 1989, LINA’S is a long standing pure player in fast good in France (based in Paris)
2. International franchising since 1995
3. Become a part of a strong food & catering group (LINA’S is owned by the NOURA group) highly experienced in the specific fast good business
4. Focus on a dynamic and promising market : healthy and highly quality food and a good value for money
5. Team-up with a powerful partner : 3000sqm of central laboratory and kitchen
6. LINA’S exclusively sell its own recipes, food preparation and dishes as well as a wide range of high-quality &healthy products which are all a guaranteed success for any franchisee and customers
More than a simply restaurant, LINA’S is also a comfortable and stress-free environment where one can relax or work quietly.
Our customers come to savour the best French sandwiches created from original recipes using natural and carefully selected ingredients in unexpected and creative ways. At LINA’S, the sandwich has become original, creative and sometimes even surprising.
Proposing the “sur mesure” (made to order and customized) as well as our authentic recipes ensure the ability to satisfy all our customers’ demands.
Depending on the country and in agreement with LINA’S, a small selection of local recipes and hot dishes could be added to the menu.
The LINA’S concept is structured around 7 lines available in every restaurant :
Sandwiches/salads/soups/quiches/hot dishes/desserts/drinks LINA’S offers a wide range of high-quality,healthy products such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh juices.
We have also developed a full range of salads, sandwiches, quiches and soups especially for vegetarians.
We create our recipes and prepare all our dishes in our own kitchens – no sub-contractors are used and nothing outsourced.
All the preparations are free of any artifical colors, flavors and preservatives.

Her søger vi

Storkøbenhavn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland


Restauration og fastfood
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Antal kædeenheder total: 
Antal kædeenheder i Danmark: 
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Det forventer vi os af dig: 
We are looking for a professional businessman interested in high quality fast food wrapped in genuine French invoirement who is ready to built a franchise chain or ready to be a multi franchisee bulding a handfull of Lina´s restaurants in the market.
Køb af rettighed: 
To be negotiated but could be € 120 K for a development plan for 5 restaurants
Indretning, lager, biler mv.: 
Between Euro 10k - 20K
50K for furniture and 50K for technical equipment
Løbende franchise royalty: 
5% af sales
Nødvendig egenkapital: 
1.000.000 - 1.750.000 kr.
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LINA´S Development
F-75116 Paris


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