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Crestcom – “Trainers to the World”
Our franchisees market, sell and deliver training to executives of companies in 60 different countries around the world in areas such as leadership/management, sales, and customer service.  The Bullet Proof Manager series (our flagship program) is designed specifically for managers and supervisors.  The Bullet Proof Manager training series creates better, more efficient managers and focuses on such core competencies as motivation, change management, communication skills and dealing with stress.  It is not industry-specific, and is helpful to both entry level as well as seasoned managers.
International Clints
American Airlines, American Express, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, BP Amoco, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, City of Stuttgart, Coca-Cola, Dell Inc., DuPont, Exxon, FedEx, Ford, Hilton Hotels, Hitachi, Holiday Inn Hotels, Honeywell, Hong Kong Bank, Hyatt Hotels, IBM, IKEA, Intel, KPMG, Kraft Foods, Kuwait Petroleum, Lockheed Martin, Marriott Hotels, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Inc., Nike, Nestle Foods, Oracle Software, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Shell Oil, Sheraton Hotels, Siemens, Sony, Toyota Motor Corp., Triumph Motorcycles, Unilever, Xerox

Beskrivelse af koncept

Key Business Features:
Crestcom has also defined and scripted the entire sales process, allowing franchisees to rely on a proven and established system to develop business.  Templates and scripts are provided, as are client targets using historical data and industry tracking.  If the process is used effectively, cold-calling is kept to an absolute minimum.  This process allows those with or without sales and marketing experience to find their confidence and success through the process.
Competitive Advantage:
Different from other executive coaching or consulting opportunities, Crestcom franchisees are not forced to rely on their own credibility, their self-developed curriculum or even their own experience or knowledge of business development processes.  The Bullet Proof Manager series is a combination of video and live facilitation.  Each of the 24 topics covered over the year has a 30-minute video associated with it by one of our experts.  These experts are speakers and authors who have dedicated their lives to a specific skill set in leadership and management training. Several of our faculty members are past presidents of the NSA (National Speakers Association)  Each video is followed by group practice, role plays, drills, discussions led by the franchisee.  The training is very relevant and practical. Our happy and satisfied clients are in over 60 differenet counties. It works!

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Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Bornholm, Fyn, Nordjylland, Midtjylland, Østjylland, Sydjylland, Skåne


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Det forventer vi os af dig: 

Excellent communication Skills. Works well at the executive level.  Strong business sense and background.   Can follow a system. And works well without direct supervision as this can be a home based business. High level of ethics and honesty.
Likeable  and good at sales. 

Køb af rettighed: 
492.400 Dkr
2 meetings a year - 1 in USA and 1in Europe
Løbende franchise royalty: 
Gross operating margin is apprixiamnley 62% after all Crestcom fees and expenses.
Nødvendig egenkapital: 
250.000 - 500.000 kr.
Ekstra information: 

How does the process work?
After you submit your candidate information to Crestcom, we will have an introductory conversation with you, and will send out a link to our Franchise Briefing video and information.
 If Crestcom seems to match your goals and aspirations, we will focus on the you attending  Crestcom’s initial franchisee training so you can not only hear – but also see –  the benefits of Crestcom.  We will also send an FDD and after answering all questions have them complete their validation process.
 So we train you FIRST!  Then you make a decision if this is a good fit or not.

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Crestcom International
6900 East Belleview Ave.
80111 Greenwood Village, Colorado


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